Oil and Gas chemical complex

Desaltation and oil dehydration, production of backfill and buffer solutions

Oil and Gas chemical complex

The zeolites have been widely used as a catalyzer in chemical and cracking process as materials sorbate separators (chromatography), for purifying, desaltation and oil dehydration, as dehumidifier, as cleanser, deactivator, and chemical reagents and drain water fumigator, for radionuclides extraction as a catalyzer.

Clearing and gas dehydration

Zeolite adsorb properties are used for gas burst clearing. Especial zeolite effective use for sulfur dioxide and ammonia emission clearance in chemical industry (sulfur dioxide absorption is less than 15%).

According to research of the American corporation Union Carbide, natural zeolites appliance for that purpose is economically profitably.

Due to its good water sorption properties, the zeolite is used successfully in air drying system from water vapor in industrial plants (UOV(ACU)-100 type air dryer station).

For gas treatment at mercury concentration 10 mg/m3 to sanitary norms 0.01 mg/m3, the contact time of exhaust gas with zeolized stocks is 0,05 sec. Waste water amine and tall oil containing are purified by zeolite on 90 — 99 %.

Zeolites appliance in grout mix

Activated zeolites can be used in grout mix widely used in oil and gas wells equipping.

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