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The use of zeolite in purification of alcohol and vodka

Zeolitic adsorbent is a conversion product of natural zeolite and having third – dimensional system of internal channels makes it possible to remove from ethanol and water - alcohol mixture unadvisable organic impurities of polar nature: aldehydes, furfural, methanol, acetone etc.

The use of zeolitic adsorbent combined with active carbon makes it possible to get alcohol and sorting clearing of high quality, unobtainable when applying only active carbon even of very high quality. The zeolitic adsorbent is mechanically strong (prevents from dust during transportation and transferring) not flammable.

Fractional composition of issuable zeolitic adsorbent allows to use it in standard sand filters (fractions 0.5-0.8 mm and 0.8-1,2 mm), and also in sorption columns (fractions 1.2-3.0 mm and 3.0-5.0 mm).

The zeolite as filler in various productions

The zeolite can be used as filler in rubber, plastics, imitation leather, waterproof cloth and special carton production, nonperishable of fruits and vegetables.

Researches showed a high efficiency of zeolite use as filler instead of chalk stone when imitation leather production (haberdashery, shoe, upholstery, clothes, dining oilcloth). The zeolite can be used also in carton, paper production.

Researches showed a possibility in principal of getting new composite material (carton), which forms the basis of tare for fruit and vegetables packaging with significantly higher shelf life than known tare.

The use of zeolites in everyday life

The zeolite is used for remedy of odor nuisance in below stairs, storerooms or refrigeration units, when storing shoes and clothes, when clearing wheelhouses, trailers, cutters and boats; when storing sports equipment; moreover, it is applicable as a litterbox filler, sand for chinchillas bathing ; filters for aquariums.

It is used in aquaristics as an adsorbent and ion exchanger as a substitute or in addition to activated carbon.

Adsorbs water in a good way, eliminates odor nuisance.

One of the modern solutions at struggle with odor nuisance in everyday life or production class is the zeolite use. For example, in England for several centuries in rooms where gentlemen smoke, bring a tray with this mineral, which absorbs tobacco smoke, refreshing the air.

Also, zeolite has been used in cosmetics when deodorant manufacture, sachet, aromatizer, odor absorber etc.

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