Tatar-Shatrashan deposit

One of the largest natural zeolites deposits in Russia. 13,3% of all reserves of natural Zeolites of the Russian Federation are concentrated within the boundaries Tatar-Shatrashan deposit.

Mining silence

Volga Region Zeolites JSC has the mining license of TAT DRZ №01331 TE series zeolite – containing rocks by the Year of 2062. Reserves of raw materials are 88,3 million tons.

Modern production

Production facilities of Volga Region Zeolites JSC are based in close proximity from zeolites mining place and include powerful crashing and grading complex, drying and roasting lines, fine grinding, mechanical, air classification of powders, prepackaging and packaging. There is our own quality laboratory of products. Production facilities are 320 thousand tons of finished products per year.

Business Geography


countries we supply our products


manufacturing bases in ownership


thousand tons - Production facilities

88, 3

million tons – explored reserves of raw materials

About company

We are engaged in sale and production of zeolites.

Volga Region Zeolites JSC is a producer of ZEOL activated natural zeolite. Here you can buy a high quality zeolite at a low price. ZEOL zeolite - is a high–performance adsorbent of wide application. The Company sells the Zeolite throughout world.

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Zeolites application

Building industry

Concrete, Dry mixes, cement, asphalt-concrete, refractories, gypsum concrete

Water purifying

Water purifying, water treatment, waste water depuration

Agricultural industry

Fertilization, feed additives, fertilizer prolongator, soil aeration, deodorizations

Nuclear industry

Radionuclide capture and retention, water purification from radionuclide


Desalting and dehydration of oil, production of grouting and buffer solution

Other industries

Additive in the manufacture of paper, carton, clearing and regeneration of transformer oil, filler in the production of industrial – rubber, polymer goods

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