Production facilities of Volga Region Zeolites JSC group of companies are based in close proximity from zeolites mining place. All factory complex occupies an area of 42000 sq.m., where set powerful crushing and grading unit , production department which includes drying and roasting lines, fine grinding, mechanical with ultrasound and centrifugal air classification of powders, prepackaging and packaging, own quality laboratory of products , administration and service building, accessorial household outbuilding. High pressure gas pipeline, high voltage overheat line with own transformer station, asphalted road are brought to the factory. Production facilities are 320 thousand tons of finished products per year.

About factory:

Factory building started in May 2016 and completed in December 2016.

Production scheme of narrow-fractioned zeolite- contained powders production includes:

  • Rock mass crushing
  • Screening
  • Classification with grade yield of 0-20 mm
  • Natural drying in closed areas to humidity of 5-8%
  • Drying by flue gases to humidity of 0,1%
  • Classification on a linear vibrating screen
  • Classification on a round vibrating screen with ultrasonic device
  • Grinding on a vertical roller mill to fraction of 0-80 micron (min. 0-40 micron)
  • Air classification of fine powders on 5 fractions, with production minimum size to 2 micron. Air classification line consists of:
  • 3-series – connected centrifugal classifiers
  • Cyclone – precipitant
  • Pulsed sleeve filter

Production scheme of narrow-fractioned zeolite- contained powders production is a universal line. On this line can be manufactured not only narrow-fractioned zeolite- contained powders of different industrial use but other materials, as for diatomite, limestone, dolomites and other analogous fire- flameproof inert materials or its mixtures as desired by specific customers.

Manufacturing equipment arrangement is built by “vertical” scheme, excluding the contact of process material with outdoor environment, complete sealing of all manufacturing cycles beginning from drying steps to ready products packing is provided.

Production scheme of narrow-fractioned zeolite- contained powders production makes it possible to output any required fraction, automatically achieved by regulatory bodies of mill classifier electrical drives frequency rotation and centrifugal classifiers regulation. Required fractions at the stage of screening are achieved by simple sieves replacement to the needed fraction.

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