Tatar-Shatrashan deposit

One of the largest natural zeolites deposits in Russia. 13,3% of all reserves of natural Zeolites of the Russian Federation are concentrated within the boundaries Tatar-Shatrashan deposits.

Tatar-Shatrashan deposit of zeolite containing rocks was discovered in 1990 during regional searching for agro –crude ore, which were carried out by order of RosKomNedra, by All Union Scientific Research Institute Geolnerud the Party of Geology of phosphatic raw material.

In the 90s were confirmed prospects of deposit and its reserves estimated by further works. The deposit is located in 1,5 km north of the village Tatar Shatrashans in valleys of Bolshaya Yakla river. Zeolite – containing rocks reserves are estimated, by various categories, on 450 ha area in number of more 100 million tons.

Zeolite – containing rocks of Tatar-Shatrashan deposit are like complex multicomponent system of variable composition. General rock – forming components of this system are clinoptilolite, opal – cristobalite – tridymite phase (OCT – phase), clay minerals (montmorillonites) , calcspar and quarts are 90-95% of rocks volume. OCT – phase and montmorillonite together with zeolites are natural sorbents and characterized by physicochemical properties (adsorptive and cation exchange), which are essentially complete and enlarge the spectrum of physicochemical parameters of rock, and ultimately, determine handling abilities, products quality of OJSC “Zeolites of the Volga Region “ and its possible application areas.

Zeolite – containing rocks of Tatar-Shatrashan deposit are non-toxic, non – flammable, fire – and explosion proof. The effective activity of radionuclides : 226Ra, 232Th, 40K is 3,2-4,4 Bg/kg х 37, that according to the Raw material Accreditation Certificate allows zeolite – containing rocks to be classified as class I application, i.e. to concern it usable at all possible types of using

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